Generation Park


Generation Park

The Generation Park office complex was erected in Warsaw in the Wola district in the square of Łucka, Wronia, Towarowa and Prosta streets.

Main contractor:


Warsaw, Poland
JEMS Architekci
2016 - 2022


Country: Poland 
Location: Warsaw
Purpose: business, commerce, services, entertainment
Main Contractor:  Skanska
Architect:  JEMS Architekci  
Our contribution: Consultation and supervision of facade works
Complete: 2021

The Generation Park office building complex was built in Warsaw in the Wola district in the square of Łucka, Wronia, Towarowa and Prosta streets.
The construction of the complex started in November 2015, and ended in January 2021. The office space of this multi-storey complex is 84,000 square meters. The Generation Park is an investment of Skanska Property Poland, and its general contractor was the construction company Skanska. The successive phases of the investment stage were named after the successive generations with the letters X, Y and Z, just as the name of the entire complex. It is to express the main idea of the project, which is supposed to serve and connect many generations.

Generation Park complex includes building Y a 140 meter tall skyscraper (35 storeys) and two 11-storey buildings X and Z with two overground storeys. Individual buildings of Generation Park have the following addresses: ul. Prosta 36 (building X), roundabout Daszyńskiego 4 (building Y) and ul. Towarowa 28 (building Z). Building Y was built on the site of the former seat of RSW "Prasa-Książ-Ruch", and later the Institute of National Remembrance, which was demolished in 2016. Generation Park is the first complex of this type owned by Skanska in Poland. The architectural design was created in the JEMS Architekci studio.

When developing Generation Park, designers and contractors focused on the impact that the workplace has on the comfort, health and well-being of its users. The main strength of the Generation Park is the synergy of many shopping and entertainment services located in all three buildings, these are cafes, restaurants, beauty services, a kindergarten and a medical center. The office tenants in Generation Park have at their disposal as many as six double-height sky-offices on different floors. They give the opportunity to create unique spaces with a unique view of Warsaw. On the 35th floor of the building, 127 meters above street level, there is a green terrace overlooking the center of Warsaw. There are hives on the roof that provide shelter for city bees. Between the buildings belonging to the Generation Park complex, a public space has been designed in the form of an internal passage with greenery, lawns and small architecture. The central part of the passage is a tree-lined square in front of the complex, designed to create a friendly atmosphere in the city center. The use of green air-purifying concrete serves the same purpose.
With the completion of the entire investment, the extensive area of the quarter of Towarowa, Prosta and Łucka streets will be revitalized.

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